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Monday, 12 February 2018

How To Prevent The Event Tent From Strong Wind Damage ?

Do you plan buy your event tent? As a temporary event or semi-permanent event, the safety of tent structure is the most important thing that have to concern. Because the structure suffers the windy weather or even hurricane likely. What is method to prevent the event tent structure from the windy weather damage? There are the following solutions for you, we are happy if you find out something helpful.

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In summer, particularly July- September, hurricane and typhoon will hit the land and building. If your tent structure is suffering 60- 100km/hr( 35-60 mph) the windy weather.There are some helpful methods from DC-Tent company:

1. Set up “ X” shape bearings and iron cables in every single bay of top roof, sidewall to strengthen the structure.
2. Tight up the sidewall and roof PVC to stop the wind get in in order to create a sealed inner space.

Use some longer ground nails or use weight plate system with heavier base plate to reinforce the base.

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The situation of wind speed of 100- 120km/h (61-80 mph):
        1. Take off the PVC fabric to deduce the resistance
        2. Move the interior stuff out of tent
Disassemble the entire tent structure including the standing pole.

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